Trouble shooting the Oracle Inteligent Agent


Nine times out of ten the oracle agent will install effortlessly along with the main software installation, however the tenth installation ….

Launch the Oracle Universal Installer. Click on the “Installed Products” button and expand the relevant Oracle home Node.

Expand the Oracle 9i database node and then locate and expand the Oracle Enterprise Manager products.












You should see a node “Oracle Intelligent Agent” . If you don’t , get hold of the Oracle CDs and reinstall the database software. Don’t try and reinstall the “Oracle management client” , it does not include the agent.

Open Control Panels
     -> Administrative Tools
        ->Local Security Policy

Expand the “User Rights Assignments” node on the left hand tree view and double click on the “Log on as Batch Job” privilege. Add in the name of the LOCAL NT account that was used to install the Oracle software.




Open the NT “Services” control panel and check the “OracleOraHome92Agent”. It should be start up type “Automatic”, status “Started”. Open the properties panel and check that the service “Logs on as Local System”










Try stopping and starting the OracleOraHome92Agent service and ensure that it can restart.

While you are in the “Services” control panel, ensure that the OracleOraHome92HTTPServer service is started, even if you turn it off later once you have installed one or more databases, it gives the agent something to report back to the console.


Find a PC with the Enterprise Manager Console installed, start it up and log onto the Oracle Management Server on CONTDB10.

Select “Discover Nodes” from the navigator menu. This will open the Node Discovery Wizard

Type in the server name and click next. You will see a progress bar and hopefully a message  that your node has been discovered. Expanding the “Nodes” tab in the tree should show your server with any Http servers and/or data bases it knows about.














Tip - Try typing the full server name ie ALNTDB10.bsg.local rather than ALNTDB10 if the OMS has difficulty contacting the agent

The oracle agent uses three configurations files, services.ora , snmp_ro.ora and snmp_rw.ora. The first is located in d:\oracle\ora92\network\agent and the latter 2 in d:\oracle\ora92\network\admin. The agent generates these files the first time it is started. If a new database or http server is subsequently installed the agent will not know about them. To do this simply stop the agent, delete the three files and restart the agent. The agent will then perform a complete “service discovery” and create 3 new files which will include the new services.

You can stop and start the agent either by using the NT Services control panel or Oracles “AGENTCTL” program from the command prompt.

If the Discovery Wizard fails to contact the agent on the new server and the agent is definitely started then the problem is almost certainly network related. Remote Admin onto CONTDB10 ( the server hosting the Oracle Management Server ) and ping your new server by name. Also perform a tracert to the server and check that everything is OK