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This little utility is designed to load data in and out of an Oracle database FAST! ccDataloader will load a variety of format files including CSV, Tab delimited, fixed length field and MS Access via simple inserts, Array loads or even Oracle Direct Path Loader.  
Please download a copy and try it ! 
Price - $ 50.00 (US Dollars )  
plus VAT @17.5% for European Union customers
To download click on the button to the left , 
save the ZIP file to the "temp" folder of your choice. Open the ZIP file and extract the MSI file (Microsoft Installer). 
Simply double click on the MSI file and follow the prompts. 
ccDataLoader is written in Delphi 7 and communicates directly with Oracle's Net*8 / Sql*Net layer so you do NOT need ODBC/Oracle Objects for OLE etc. We strongly recommend that you first ensure SQL*Plus or similar is working correctly on your PC before installing our software. 
Please take a few days to evaluate ccDataLoader. If you wish to purchase a license, please click on the button below and proceed to the check out. Once you have made your payment we will be emailed your order.   We will email you back your registration code and VAT receipt usually within 4 working days. 
ccLoadV1: ccDataLoader- One User Licence $50.00 Qty

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